Customers & Contract Vehicles

Z, INC. a customer-focused company

The core of Z, INC.’s business is our customers

Prime contracts and our GSA contract vehicles, GSA Alliant Small Business and GSA IT Schedule 70, facilitate our success.

  • Representative Customers

    With three decades of Federal government agency experience, Z, INC. has served a large number of customers. All customers can serve as a Z, INC. reference.

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  • Representative Teaming Partners

    To be successful, Federal government business requires teaming with capable, proven partners. Z, INC. shares its success with the many companies with whom we have teamed to meet the full scope of government needs.

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  • Contract Vehicles

    Prime contracts are key to success in the Federal government marketplace. In particular, follow-on contracts prove longevity and sustainability. What separates Z, INC. from many of our competitors is the length of time we have served our two largest customers–over 30 years with the U.S. Department of Energy and 25 years with the FDIC.

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