Life at Z, INC.

We're an employee-centric company

Many employees have worked for Z, INC. for more than 10 years.

To keep our employees year-after-year, we provide them independence, interesting work, effective management, a healthy work environment, and appropriate compensation. However, the best way to understand what it is like to work at Z, INC. is to ask our employees.

A company is only as good as the people who work for it. Z, INC. is good people.

Bill M.Senior Energy Analyst since 1989
  • As a senior energy security analyst with Z, INC., I’ve had the privilege of working on timely projects with direct impact to U.S. security. Z, INC. gives me the flexibility, experience, and access to fellow analysts necessary to effectively influence decision makers throughout the energy community on a daily basis.

    Author's imageAlex K.International Energy Analyst since 2009
  • I think the fact that I’ve worked for Z for over 30 years says a lot about this company. In the government contracting business, people normally move from company to company/job to job as contracts are won and lost, and work ebbs and flows. Z manages to provide a very stable work environment in this volatile market while providing challenging projects and many opportunities for growth.

    Author's imageBarb S.Senior Systems Analyst since 1984
  • Z, INC.’s size is what appeals to me. It strengthens the sense of collaboration and compatibility amongst team members in an effort to achieve the highest quality of work possible.

    Author's imageMeredith H.Management Analyst since 2010
  • The people, energy and intellect at Z, INC. are incredibly unique. My ideas are welcomed and encouraged at Z, INC.

    Jessica R.Project Manager since 2014
  • In my time with Z, INC, I have been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge base by working on different projects I usually would not have worked on. Z, INC. has given me the resources and tools, whether they be people or documents, to successfully complete any task that I am given.

    Matt F.Research Analyst since 2012
  • Z, INC. has offered me solid, interesting work with a smart, intellectually-curious culture. But, honestly, it’s a friendly, pro-employee place to work, and that’s what keeps people here.

    Author's imageChristian S.Senior Web Developer since 2010

Interesting Facts About Our Employees

  • 90

    90% of employees have bachelor degrees

  • 40

    40% of employees have master degrees or higher

  • 50

    50% of employees are women

  • 25

    25% of employees are minorities